Application Process

Calvary Hillcrest Schools complex offer three admission entry points:

  1. PreSchool
  2. Primary
  3. Junior High School

All admissions are preceded by a compulsory competitive Entrance examination and interviews. Only successful candidates are placed.

Admission Procedure

  1. Prospective Applicants are required to purchase an Application Form at the cost of GHC 20 from the school. The Application form can also be downloaded by clicking on the Admission Form link below this section and the amount paid on submission. Application forms are to be submitted before the deadline and should be accompanied by:
    • Photocopy of birth certificate
    • Two passport sized photographs
    • Transcripts of most recent school reports (JHS Applicants only)
  2. All prospective students are assessed in Mathematics, English and General Science. This usually takes place between April and May each year.
  3. All applicants are notified within 14 days after submission of application forms indicating admission or otherwise. Pupils are admtted to the creche all year round