Employment Policy for Staff


This policy of appointment to Calvary Hillcrest Schools shall constitute an agreement between the Management of Calvary Hillcrest Schools and the employee who may be designated as a Staff of the School.




  1. Medical Examination

All appointments and continued employment in the position held in Calvary Hillcrest Schools shall be subject to medical fitness. Potential employees shall be made to undergo pre-employment medical examination. With the introduction of the Health Insurance Scheme, employees shall be encouraged to undergo periodic medical check-ups.

  1. Letter of Appointment

Management of Calvary Hillcrest Schools shall issue a letter of appointment to all new entrants indicating, among other things, the position, salary and probationary period. In addition, a copy of the staff Employment Policy and Code of Ethics shall be given on engagement to all new employees who will acknowledge receipt in writing and confirm that all parts are understood. The employee shall give a written response indicating acceptance of the appointment or otherwise.

(1) Probationary Period

An employee of Calvary Hillcrest Schools shall serve a probation period of six months on first appointment commencing on the day of appointment. After successful probation an employee shall be confirmed as a permanent Staff. Continued employment shall, of course, also be determined by satisfactory work and conduct.

(2) Annual Appraisal/Promotion

Employees shall be appraised and promoted where necessary. Promotion shall be made on merit. In determining merit, account will be taken of:

  • Qualifications
  • Efficiency
  • Potential for Growth
  • Seniority (determined by the date of a staff’s  appointment to the grade in which he/she is serving)
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Capacity to co-operate with others
  • Initiative
  • Attitude towards work
  • General behaviour
  • Leadership qualities

(3) Remuneration

Salary shall be personal to an employee based on qualification, experience and responsibility.  Yearly increment of salary shall be earned as may be approved by the Board. Deductions by statutory requirements or repayments due to the employer in respect of salary advance or loans lawfully granted to employees shall be made, at source, from their monthly pay-packets.


(1) Hours of Work.

Normal working periods shall be from 7am to 5pm – Mondays to Fridays.


Public Holiday recognized by Calvary Hillcrest Schools are those so declared under the relevant Act of Parliament of Ghana and those declared by the Government from time to time.

Disciplinary & Grievance Appeal Procedure


  1. Salary Advance

At his written request, an employee may be granted a salary advance not exceeding 50% of his monthly salary basic salary. The amount so granted shall be deducted in whole from his salary for the month in which the advance is granted.

  1. Annual Leave
  1. A permanent Staff member of Calvary Hillcrest Schools shall serve a period of twelve (12) calendar months before he/she qualifies for an Annual Leave.
  2. Teachers responsible for the teaching in the basic section shall not be granted Annual Leave over and above normal school holidays.
  3. Employees other than those referred to above shall be granted Annual Leave as in section d.
  4. Duration of Annual Leave shall be as follows:
  1. One – Two years in employment  – Ten working days in a year.
  2. Three – Four years                        – Fifteen  working days
  3. Five years and above                    – Twenty working days

(5) Emergency Leave

  1. Emergency Leave with pay up to a maximum of five working days a year may be granted by Management.
  2. Emergency Leave can not however be accumulated from year to year.
  3. Should it subsequently be found that an employee gave false information in his/her application for Emergency Leave, he/she shall be liable to refund that part of employees’ salary for the days of excess leave granted.
  4. An employee may be recalled from leave by Management to perform certain functions/duties as the exigencies of the service may demand.

(6) Sick Leave

  1. An employee who becomes unfit for work because of sickness shall inform Management.
  2. When the period of absence is or is likely to be more than one working day duration, the employee shall report to the nearest government hospital or recognized medical practitioner for treatment.
  3. A period of sick leave in excess of two months shall be without pay.

(7) Maternity Leave

  1. A female staff qualifies for maternity leave after working for a period of one calendar year,
  2. A female employee shall be entitled to 90 days maternity leave on full pay on becoming pregnant on the certification of a medical officer.
  3. After the first maternity leave she has to work for twenty-four calendar months before she qualifies for the second maternity leave.

(8) Leave for Examination

An employee who during working time sit for one of the following examinations may be granted leave with full pay for those days that he/she actually takes the examination paper.

  2. Training College entrance examination.
  3. Approved professional examination.

(9) Study Leave

 Study leave with or without pay for courses not exceeding two calendar months shall be granted by Management to Staff who have served the School for not less than two years. After completion of the course the Staff shall serve the School for two years.

(10) Medical Care

Management shall not be responsible for the medical and dental care of the employee.  The employee shall be assisted to register with the National Health Insurance Scheme.

(11) Ceasation of Employment

The modes by which an employee may cease to be in employment with Calvary Hillcrest Schools are:

  1.  Dismissal
  2.  Termination of Appointment.
  3.  Resignation.

(12) Conditions for Dismissal

A Staff shall be dismissed outright when found guilty under the following:

  1. Stealing
  2. Fighting
  3. Incompetence
  4. Black mailing
  5. Gross disrespect
  6. Gross Negligence
  7. Failure to prepare lesson notes
  8. Failure to take good care of School property or children under his/her care
  9. Persistence lateness (15 times within school term.)
  10. Absenteeism (five continuous days without permission).

A Staff member to be dismissed under Article 12(g-j) shall be given one month notice or be paid one month salary in lieu of notice.

A staff that is to resign shall give Management three months notice or pay three months salary in lieu of notice.


  1. Check off system:  Welfare dues and Staff Supporting Scheme deductions shall be deducted at source and paid into the appropriate accounts.
  2. Fringe Benefit:  The Management of Calvary Hillcrest Schools shall pay a monthly transport   allowance to the Staff at a rate irrespective of where one is staying.

The Institutions’ Rules and Regulations

All employees are expected to be familiar with the Schools’ rules and regulations as captured in the Code of Ethics for staff and comply with them to the letter. They shall have and personal responsibility to set a good example and the highest standard or performance.

Employee Records

It is each employee’s responsibility to inform Management immediately of any changes in the following:

  1. Address and phone number(s)
  2. Person to be notified in case of an emergency
  3. Legal change in your name with effective date
  4. Change in marital status with effective date
  5. Next-of-kin

School Cleanliness

All employees especially shall keep classrooms/office equipments neat always. It is also important that employees especially class teachers to see ti it that all windows be closed before leaving.


Friends and relatives of employees are to be dissuaded from coming to the school especially during working hours. All visitors are to be received in the General Office.

Name of Employee………………………………    Sign.:………………Date:………………….            




Received Dated…………………………………      Date…………………………………………

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