Code of Conduct for Staff






1.       This code of conduct has been drawn up for the guidance of Staff of Calvary Hillcrest Schools, Cape coast.


2.      The rules and regulations in this code should not be regarded merely as a catalogue of offences and penalties or negatively on constituting restraint on the workers freedom.


3.      They are meant to ensure that the conditions for effective work, teaching and learning are created and maintained as well as to inspire the parents confidence in the teachers to whom is entrusted the physical, mental, moral, religious and spiritual up-bringing of their children.



Any act or omission without reasonable excuse by an employee of Calvary Hillcrest Schools which amounts to failure to perform in a proper manner any official duty assigned to him or her as such or which is otherwise prejudicial to the efficient conduct of Calvary Hillcrest Schools or tends to bring Calvary Hillcrest Schools into disrepute shall constitute misconduct.




Teaching Note:  A Teacher shall prepare relevant and adequate teaching notes for his/her work in advance and it shall be the responsibility of the head of the school to see to it that this is done.


Exercise:  A teacher shall set adequate amount of written and practical exercises in all the appropriate subjects regularly and on daily basis.


A Teacher shall mark and evaluate all written and practical exercises promptly and carefully.



1.       A Staff shall report for duty punctually and in good time before school work begins.

2.      Time for reporting for duty and closing shall be determined by the Head of the School in relation to the School Time Table.

3.      No Staff shall absent himself / herself from duty without reasonable cause.  In all cases the permission of the Head should first be obtained before the teacher absent himself/herself from school.

4.      Teachers shall take part in approved co-curriculum activities in the school.

5.      No teacher shall refuse to be assigned to a class.


Permission of Absence from duty

No Staff may leave the school during school hours without permission from the Head.


A Staff shall not absent himself/herself from work on grounds of ill health without permission from the Head and subsequent submission of a medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner if he/she has to be absent for more than 3 days.




No Staff may give any loan whatsoever to another teacher at interest or act as an intermediary between any teacher and a money lender or take part in collecting debts on behalf of any money lender.


Financial Embarrassment

Financial Embarrassment from whatever cause shall be regarded as a circumstance which impaired the efficiency of a teacher and may result in disciplinary proceeding being taken against him or her.


Care of Property

A Staff shall take proper care of all school or children property in his or her charge.



No Staff shall in course of his or her duties disobey, disregard or willfully default in carrying out any lawful instruction given by any person or committee having authority to give such order or instructions.


Drinking, Drunkenness and Smoking

No Staff shall drink alcohol, or abuse any substance while on duty or be found drunk during school hours.


No Staff shall smoke during school hours or be caught smelling of cigarette smoke during working hours.



All babies of teachers who are six months and above must be kept at the crèche.


Sexual Offences

No Staff shall indulge in immoral relations with a pupil or staff in the school.  Sexual offences are criminal and any offender shall be handed over to the police. Staff found in a relationship with a married parent constitutes an offence.



No Staff shall give unauthorized press interviews or release.



Every Staff is entitled to his or her own political opinion and may if qualified vote at elections.  But no Staff must antagonize others because of their political standing.  No Staff shall drag the School into party politics.


No Staff in the performance of his or her duties must engage in any activity which is likely to involve him or her in political controversy.


Anonymous letters


No Staff shall write or circulate anonymous letters of any kind.




Complicity in any form /or encouraging any Staff to misconduct him/herself shall constitute an offence.



No Staff shall assist a child to cheat in an examination.


Part Times

No Staff shall engage in any other employment including part-time teaching which will interfere with the performance of his/her official duties without the consent of the Management.



No Staff shall engage in private and personal conversation during the School period when he/she is expected to be teaching or to supervising children at work or play.


Mobile Phone Usage

No usage of mobile phones during instructional hours.


Ghanaian Language Usage

No Staff is to converse in any of the Ghanaian Languages in the School except during the Ghanaian Language periods when the teacher uses the prescribed language to teach.


General Conduct

Any act of misconduct by an employee not expressly mentioned in this code shall be reported to the Management through the Head and Management may issue instructions as to how the case should be dealt with.




1.       Any breach of non-observance in any section or part thereof of any of the foregoing rules and regulations shall constitute a misconduct for which the offender shall be liable to a disciplinary action.

2.      For the purpose of   this section, misconduct is classified as either minor or major offence.

3.      The penalty for various categories of misconduct shall be as follows:


“A” category - Penalty for minor misconduct

(i)                  Warning or reprimand plus surcharge where applicable to be given in writing always for record purposes.

(ii)               Suspension with loss of pay not more than 14 days

(iii)             Stoppage of increment. (This means non- payment of an increment for a specified period not more than three months.

B” category –Penalty for major misconduct


(i)                 Deferment of increment: This means postponement of the date on which the next increment is due.

(ii)               Demotion: - This means an adjustment of salary to a lower point.

(iii)             Suspension: Loss of pay and allowance for a period not exceeding one month.

(iv)             Dismissal: Removal from position permanently/withdrawal of appointment/ termination of appointment.






Misconduct                                                                      Penalty

1.       Failure to prepare teaching notes                                                       A

2.      Failure to set examination questions                                                   A

3.      Failure to mark written or physical Examination                                  A

4.      Private conversation                                                                            A

5.      Conversation in the local language                                                      A

6.      Refusal to take part in extra-curriculum activities                               A

7.      Engaging in other gainful occupation                                                  A

8.      Insubordination                                                                                   B

9.      Sexual Offence                                                                                   B

10.  Taking official correspondence outside the School                              B

11.  Lateness                                                                                              A

12.  Absent from duty without permission                                                   A

13.  Giving loans at interest                                                                       A        

14.  Financial embarrassment                                                                     A

15.  Habitual drunkenness                                                                         B

16.  Being found drinking alcohol during school hours                            B

17.  Drinking and Smoking                                                                        B

18.  Anonymous Letters                                                                            B

19.  Improper care of school property                                                        A

20.  Failure to take proper care of school or children property                  A

21.  Sending babies who are above six months into a class                       A

22.  Gossiping                                                                                            A

23.  Rumour mongering                                                                             B

24.  Casting Insinuations                                                                           B

25.  Calling of Names                                                                                B

26.  Eating of children’s food                                                                    A

27.  Administering corporal punishment without supervision                   A

28.  Stealing or Fraud                                                                                B

29.  Impersonation                                                                                     B

30.  Examination Malpractice                                                                    B

31.  Quarreling                                                                                           B

32.  Fighting                                                                                               B







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